The name Aries Eye was given to me by my Shamanic Sister! It has stuck with me ever since! Derived from my being an Aries. The eyes of an Aries are powerful, strong and intuitive.


I was born in Chicago Illinois April 12th, 1982. I spent majority of my childhood years in Rochester, Minnesota. At the age of twelve I relocated to Memphis, TN where I would spend my teenage years. I enlisted in the Marine Corps after high school and, served honorably before receiving a medical discharge.


I began the search of finding myself outside of the military. This was probably one of the hardest task I endured. I literally didn’t know my place in life. All I knew was the Marine Corps and, then I find myself left with my dream and my pride!


I reflect back often on my journey. Marine Corps Veteran, Celebrity Hair stylist, Best selling Author and now a Medium! So many ask, how did I get here? Obedience and dedication to your gifts! Pay attention to each one of my career paths. They all involved a duty to help others somehow some way! As a Marine, you lay your life on the line for duty and country! As a Hairstylist its ministering love and healing, through the art of the hands! Through my books I delivered messages in relation to topics and real life situations.


As a Medium I am an all around healer! Believe it or not I come from a line of powerful mediums! My mother’s side of the family has the ability of clairvoyance and, healing. My dad’s side of the family shows no fear of death as, the women on his side had the ability to communicate with them. I guess you can say I have the best of both worlds! I decided to walk away from careers and paths on the earthly realm and take my healing abilities from the spiritual realm to help others. I provide closure, healing and a peace of mind! One of my greatest joys on this path is reconnecting people with the ones they have lost! Its not easy but, it has been worth it!

How Am I Able To Serve You As A Medium?

Let me connect you with your deceased loved ones to give you the answers, closure, and security you need to honor them and heal yourself. You don't have to keep suffering because you miss them. Let me be the bridge to your peace and well-being.

Who is Aries Eye?
Disclaimer: Services are non refundable. You may utilize service credits in exchange for other products such as, classes, events or the mentoring program. If you can not make your appointment please contact us at least 8 hours prior to reschedule. All appointments have a 5 minute grace period, after that you forfeit your appointment slot and will be required to re-book  for another session. 

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